Hello lovelies!

It was date night last night! Ok, more like a double date... we went out to dinner with my parents haha. But my sister watched Zara for us so it was nice to just have a nice quiet dinner for once without people staring at Zara for screaming 😅. We went out to Ella Dining out here in Sacramento. It was absolutely delicious. 

I made Bryan snag a few quick pictures of me before dinner and I really appreciate whenever he takes pictures of me because I'm not the easiest and he isn't a professional photographer haha. So thank you for being patient with me with these blog posts. I really want to get better with posting more. It is sometimes hard to get pictures taken so thank you for your patience! 

My dress I am wearing is actually from Target! Can you believe it?! Because I certainly did not even know it was from Target. I just looked at the tag right now and just shocked myself. I definitely thought it was from Nordstrom or something. But it is such a gorgeous dress and it kind of just matches anything. 

These earrings were my absolute favorite part of my outfit. I just got these green/gold earrings from Francesca's and they are so darling. They are a bit heavy so I was only able to wear them for a few hours before I took them off. I tried to find them online to have it linked for you all, but they seem not to be there anymore, so maybe check at their store. They have so many other goodies there. I absolutely love that store. 

This clutch, that is also an over the body bag, is one of my favorite go to bags. It literally pairs with anything. I got it from Nordstrom and have had it for years so maybe I need to start looking for a new bag, but I just love it so much. ♡

My heels are from Sam Edelman. I got these heels a few years ago. I decided to just go through my closet and choose an outfit that I have had already for years and that I haven't worn a lot. I feel like a lot of fashion bloggers always wear new things and that is so amazing. I just can't always afford to buy new things haha so I decided to wear an outfit that I have had already. 

Date nights are so important for couples especially those that have kids. I have almost lost my mind these last few months. Being a stay at home mom is really difficult at times because you are constantly "working" and looking after a little human being. Zara has been walking non stop now and has 6 teeth so we are definitely going through a tantrum stage. 

On a lighter note.. I AM SO EXCITED FOR FALL! I know we are not done with Summer, but I have never been so excited for a season! Once Starbucks releases those Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I will be whipping out all those cardigans, booties, and scarves. 😍 Also, a lot of you asked me on my Instagram what I used on my curls and I used a 1 inch Neuro Unclipped Styling rod by Paul Mitchell and you can find it here. I also used Puff. Me and Dry Shampoo afterwards for more volume and texture. I really want to do a hair tutorial for you all soon. I am a cosmetologist so I love hair so much as well. That's all for now! Happy Saturday lovelies!