Hello lovelies! 
I just got back a couple days ago from my Ireland trip and it was so much fun! The above photos are at the Cliffs of Moher and that definitely was the highlight of my trip. We were so high up and it was just absolutely gorgeous on top. It took us a couple hours to walk the cliffs there and back to see everything.
Zara's outfit: Shoes - Wildwood Poppy ; Bonnet - Honeybee Bonnets ; Pacifier Clip - NomiLu ; Skirt - Target ; Fur vest - Zara
My outfit: Plaid Shirt - Free People ; Over the knee high boots - Catherine Catherine Malandrino Enriquia
(crazy discount for the boots right now)
We took about a 30 minute hike to get to the Gap of Dunloe. It is absolutely stunning. When I pictured Ireland, this is what I was picturing. Mountains, greenery and lakes are just some of the things that took my breath away. The air was so crisp. The sun was so warm. We couldn't have had a better day. 
Maxi Dress - Free People 
Zara's Knit Romper - Lenny Lemons ; Shoes - Wildwood Poppy ; Headband - SutterSisters
Staying at the Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Doonbeg was such a memorable and relaxing time. It was by far one of the nicest hotels I have stayed at. There was biking, golfing, flying kites, and the beach right outside the hotel. The food was absolutely amazing as well. Being by the coast was so nice. If you are going to visit Ireland, I highly recommend traveling to the west coast.
We stayed at Cavan for 2 nights after the Trump hotel and when driving to Cavan, you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, but in a good way. It makes you feel so relaxed and secluded from all the noise. The cows and sheep are all around you haha but I loved it. We did some fishing and hiking in Cavan and then we drove 1 1/2 hours to Dublin (pictured above). Dublin is definitely the city of Ireland and I can tell why it's the capital. Filled with shops, music every night at restaurants, busy streets, and even had my Starbucks! haha. So many people are energetic and full of life. I just loved it. We saw the famous Riverdance show at the Gaiety Theatre and that was a lot of fun. Some coffee, sweets, and restaurants I recommend were the iced caramel macchiato at Butlers Chocolates (you get a free truffle with your drink), pastries and macarons at Laduree, delicious donuts at The Rolling Donut (the apple cinnamon donut is amazing!), and the best wings in Ireland was at the Elephant and Castle.  
Tulle Shirt - Free People

So castles are like in every city in Ireland. How amazing is that?! One of the castles we went to was Blarney Castle. There is so much to do there and that's what I loved about this castle in particular. This is where I got to kiss the Blarney Stone, walk through the poison garden, walk through gardens and waterfalls, and see the Blarney Home, where Bryan and I claimed it for us ;).

 I had to post this picture of my breakfast of Eggs Benedict at Liberty Grill because it was just that good! That was probably the best breakfast we had on the trip.
Another castle we got to go to was the Dromoland Castle. 
It also is a hotel and has restaurants. We went there for some lunch and there food was amazing! If you want to go there just for afternoon tea and scones, it is also worth it just for that because their scones are delicious. 

Traveling with Zara was very difficult to say the least. She did absolutely amazing on the flights there and back. The airline was able to move us to where the bassinet was so we had more space, so that was really nice. She slept majority of the flights. I made sure she had plenty of snacks and toys for her on the plane. 

Once we landed to our first city, Zara had a fever so we had to go to the pharmacy and get her some medicine. Once her temperature went down, she started to randomly just scream for hours every day. This was going on for about a week and she only was acting her normal self, the last few days of the trip. So it was pretty difficult. She was teething so that could be one of the reasons why she was so fussy, but I believe it was the jet lag for her. I think she was just very tired and grumpy. We also were driving a lot city to city so I think that wasn't helping her fight the jet lag. She also wasn't eating as much as she used to, but figured out what she absolutely loved on the trip and that was raspberries and strawberries so we just had to buy a ton of those to get her to calm down. All in all, I'm glad we got through her first big trip out of the way. That way we know what to expect and what to do on our next trip. 

We drove a lot on this trip. We landed in Dublin and went straight to Cork. There wasn't a lot to do in Cork, but it was a nice city to stop by and drive around because it was only about a 30 min drive to Blarney Castle and some other places. We then drove a couple of hours to Killarney to see that cute town and have lunch and see the Gap of Dunloe. Then we drove a little bit to Dromoland Castle and then to our next city, Doonbeg where we stayed at the Trump Hotel. After a couple of nights there, we stayed at Cavan to relax there for a day. Then we drove to Dublin for a couple of nights. So I feel like if you want to see all of Ireland, it is highly recommended to stay a couple of nights city to city to see the whole beauty of what Ireland has to offer. 

Thanks for reading lovelies and I hope you enjoyed!