Hello lovelies and hello 38 weeks!
My due date is approaching and it really feels like the baby is coming any day now! I was having some serious contractions the other night and I thought I was going into labor and I realized I didn't have my hospital bag packed so I quickly packed everything that night. The contractions are so sporadic that I know I'm not in active labor. I actually didn't even have a hospital bag packed when I went into labor with Zara. My water broke when I got to the hospital and Bryan went home to grab what I needed and there were a lot of things he didn't grab that I wish I had when giving birth, so I really didn't want that to happen again this time around. So my hospital bag is packed and I am super prepared this time (at least I feel like I am haha).

So down below is my hospital bag checklist. There are a few things I wouldn't have normally packed, but due to COVID-19, I just didn't want to use some of the hospital items that they provide, so I grabbed my own.

Hospital Bag Checklist


  • Pajamas/Robe - After giving birth, you will like to change into something clean and more comfortable. I have packed for myself a 5 piece set from Everly Grey. It includes a maternity/nursing top, stretchy pants, robe, newborn gown and hat. You can find the exact set I have here and they have many other patterns and set as well. 
  • Slippers - Bring comfortable slippers and socks for you to walk around the room in and some flip flops for when you take a shower. 
  • Toiletries - If you are going to wash your hair, bring travel size shampoo and conditioner or dry shampoo if you are going to skip the wash. Soap. Make up remover wipes. Brush. Toothbrush and toothpaste. All of your skincare products.
  • Nursing Pads - If you are going to have a lot of milk supply, you will be leaking. I recommend grabbing some reusable nursing pads from Bamboobies just in case. You can find them here. Myself personally, I had a really large milk supply and I leaked a lot. 
  • Bluetooth Speaker - I did not have a bluetooth speaker when I gave birth to Zara and that is one of the things I wish I had. Whether it's having peaceful music while laboring and giving birth or having music afterwards. It will definitely help.
  • Going home outfit - I grabbed the Blanqi postpartum pants for when I go home as well as my maternity pants just in case on how big my belly still is. A comfortable shirt and a cardigan.
  • Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle - The hospital will provide you with a squirt bottle, but I heard great things about this bottle. It's nice that it's upside down so it will aim a lot more accurately. 
  • Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray - The hospital provides cooling pads for you and honestly I don't think those helped whatsoever for your lady parts. I heard such great things about the Sitz Spray. It brings new moms the same relief as a traditional sitz bath, but in a convenient liquid spray bottle. You can find this product here
  • Long cell phone charger - I recommend grabbing an extra long cell phone charger. The outlets are far and the charger will have you not getting up as much. 
  •  Baby outfits - I recommend grabbing a preemie and newborn size outfits. You don't know how big your baby is going to be. I was so shocked when Zara was born and her newborn outfits were big on her. She was 7 pounds and I highly recommend grabbing a preemie outfit. I would grab comfortable pajamas for the baby and an outfit for that newborn photo. I grabbed a knotted gown for some pictures of the baby. In total, I grabbed 3 outfits. Also, grab some socks. Babies easily get cold. 
  • Ollie Swaddle - I grabbed The Ollie Swaddle from The Ollie World. Nurses double swaddle the baby with thick blankets and honestly it is really difficult. Especially as new parents, we constantly were asking the nurses to help us swaddle. The Ollie Swaddle has velcro so it easily keeps your newborn nice and snug and it is a lot easier to put on. 
  • Pacifier - The hospital does not provide you with any pacifiers and they don't recommend them, but I gave Zara a pacifier from the start and she took it and loved them so I'm bringing 2 different pacifiers with me for this baby.
  • Car Seat - This is a given, but I obviously had to put it down. You won't be able to go home without a car seat, duh! :) 
  • Snacks - It's nice to have some snacks to munch on for yourself and your partner. Normally people can bring you food and drinks but because of COVID-19, we aren't allowed visitors and not a lot of things are open and accessible so I highly recommend, especially during this time to pack snacks and drinks. 
- All my husband packed was pajamas, going home outfit, toothbrush, and slippers.

Items I would not typically pack in a hospital bag, but due to COVID-19, I packed these items because I didn't want to use the hospitals


  • Water Bottle - I used the hospital's water bottle with my other birth, but I will be bringing my own this time. 
  • Disinfectant Wipes - This is kind of a given, but I'm bringing my own disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer just in case. 
  • Towel - The hospital's towels aren't that nice, but I wouldn't have packed one if it wasn't for the virus.
  •  Organic Overnight Pads - I don't know what kind of pads the hospital provides, but I know they are not organic and I would be very careful to whatever you put into your body, especially down there. I packed organic pads from Rael
  • Mesh Underwear/Adult Diapers - The hospital provides you with mesh underwear, that for me last time were comfortable, but again because of COVID-19, I will be bringing my own. Also, some people recommend just getting adult diapers, saying they are more secure and comfortable. 
  • Burp Cloths - I'm grabbing a couple muslin organic burp cloths for baby boy. I honestly can't recall if the hospital provides burp cloths or not, but I don't want to use theirs and so I'm bringing my own and babies have a lot of spit up so I know I will be using them.  
- I will not be eating or drinking anything provided at the hospital, even the crushed ice that I loved so much last time :(. I don't want to risk anything, so we will be having to grab meals outside the hospital. Hopefully they still will be allowing one outside designated visitor and if so, I will be asking them for a couple meals.

Some other recommendations that people bring, but I didn't pack


  • Birth Plan - I know a lot of mothers have a birth plan and if so, it is great to have it written down for yourself and for the nurses and doctors to have as well. I just personally don't have one. 
  • Nursing Bra - Some people say to bring one, but I personally am not going to be wearing a bra at all. I'm just going to be a lot more comfortable without one.
  • Nipple Cream - The hospital provides sample sizes of nipple cream for you, that's why I don't recommend bringing any.  Unless you have a specific one you want to use, bring that. When I arrive home, I will be using nipple cream from Bamboobies and you can find that here
  • Nursing Pillow/ Pillow for yourself - People recommend bringing your own pillows. I found the pillows at the hospital just fine for myself. I also heard some moms recommend bringing a nursing pillow. I just used a pillow at the hospital when breastfeeding. I will be using my Boppy Nursing Pillow when I come home.