Hi lovelies,

A lot of you have asked me how my pregnancy has been going and how it’s been in comparison to Zara’s pregnancy.

I first wanted to start off by saying that when I was pregnant with Zara, I had no fears and no worries. I was very chill the whole pregnancy. Googled a few things what I can and cannot eat and that was pretty much it. I was very nauseous up until I felt her kicks at 21 weeks. But other than that, I had no abnormalities. I had no bleeding, no discharge, barely any heartburn, no constipation. Nothing. I gave birth at full term and gave birth vaginally. It was a pretty easy and smooth sailing pregnancy except for the nausea part.

Now with pregnancy number 2, I started having nausea symptoms at 6 weeks of pregnancy and didn’t stop throwing up until I felt him move at 21 weeks. So same thing like Zara’s pregnancy. I had really sharp pains on my right side of my stomach in the beginning of my first trimester and then I started having really sharp pains on my left side.
The really scary part about this pregnancy has been that I bled a lot. I would bleed a little bit in my underwear almost every day. It got to a point where I would be so scared to wipe in the bathroom because I was afraid there would be blood. I had googled about bleeding and articles said it’s just your old blood leaving your body and that it’s perfectly okay up until 20 weeks of your pregnancy. So I didn’t worry too much until one day I woke up and there was blood all over my sheets, body pillow, shorts, and underwear. I full on thought I had miscarried. I called my Ob right away and she got me in that morning and had checked out the baby and he was perfectly fine. Heart beat was fine. I’ve had a few bleeds like that and every time I went into the doctor’s, the baby was completely fine. I still to this day, don’t know why I had bled so much. Thankfully the bleeding stopped one day and I haven’t bled once.
Some other symptoms I’ve had with this pregnancy is that I have discharge like every single day. I also have either constipation or diarrhea. Which is really frustrating because going to the bathroom hasn’t been easy. Yes, this is probably TMI for some people, but I really am trying to share every bit of my pregnancy and to let other pregnant mamas know that it’s completely normal and that other women go through it too.

I had gone in for my 20 week ultrasound appointment as scheduled and everything seemed fine. Then I get a phone call saying you need to come in again. They didn’t get really any good images of the baby. They didn’t get images of the heart and spine and the images the technician took were just flat out not good they said so I went back for a second ultrasound and again, same thing. They didn’t get the images they wanted. I’m getting really frustrated at this point because driving out and laying down for an hour to an hour and a half is no fun.

When I went into my regular doctor’s appointment, they had told me that they had found a synechiae in my uterus, which is a scar tissue going across my uterus. They said they don’t know how I got it. It could of happened during Zara’s labor. They also told me that because of this scar tissue, it can harm the development of my baby’s toes and fingers. Meaning my baby can have missing fingers and/or toes.
I'm already 24 weeks in my pregnancy at this point and I get a phone call from a genetics counselor and she said we really need to get you in for a third ultrasound as soon as possible because here at this hospital, if you would like to terminate the baby, the latest you can do it is 24 weeks.
I was blown away that she is even speaking about terminating the baby. I said absolutely not. It doesn't matter if there is any complications with the baby, I'm not terminating.
This was all happening during Christmas time. I was really stressed out. I’m not one to believe in what doctors or science say because I have a God who is bigger and stronger than anyone and anything but it always was in the back of my mind that I had this synechiae.
So, a couple weeks go by. I went on my trip with my family to Paris and Portugal. I arrive back home and a couple days later, I head to my third ultrasound of my baby’s anatomy. I am 26 weeks pregnant at this point. This technician was so friendly and so talkative. I loved her. The other two just sat in silence and didn’t speak to me once, which is fine, they aren’t required to show you the baby or tell you anything. But this technician was just so knowledgeable and I could tell she knew what she was doing and she was going to get the images she needed.
I had told her how I’ve been kind of stressing out because of the whole scar tissue I have and how it can harm my baby’s development and she stopped me right there and said, “Look, I’m just going to tell you. You don’t have any synechiae. They misinformed you.” I was soooo confused and shocked. She said, “You have a bicornuate uterus.” Which is a “heart-shaped uterus.” She said that it looks like I have two uteruses, where a septum is going down the center of my uterus. She said that the first technician thought it was a scar tissue going down my uterus when in reality I actually have a bicornuate uterus.
I was so relieved to hear that I didn’t have the scar tissue and then this technician said, “Oh, I would much rather have the scar tissue then your heart-shaped uterus.” I was like, great. Why? She had informed me that women who have bicornuate uteruses tend to go into 2-3 month premature labor and that a lot of the babies are breech and need to have c-sections. The baby doesn’t have much space like they normally would so they are curled up in a ball majority of the time and are so tight, that the baby believes that it’s time to come out. She also told me that with this abnormal uterus, women tend to have miscarriages.
I told her that Zara came out at 39 weeks and I didn’t have a c-section. I also have never had any miscarriages. She said that’s good and that they are going to just monitor me and make sure baby isn’t breech.
The doctor ended up coming out at the end and telling me that everything looks great with the baby. There’s no complications with him.

Rewind to 8 years ago. When I was 17 years old, I had severe menstrual cramps. They were so bad, I would throw up and pass out. I went to see a doctor and they did an ultrasound on me. The doctor had called me a few days later and told me over the phone that I have a septum in my uterus and that I have a good chance of not having kids and then hung up. I was 17 years old and had no clue what the heck a septum in my uterus was. I had no explanations from the doctor. I started googling and all I read was that women with septum in the uteruses have a lot of miscarriages. I didn’t realize I had a bicornuate uterus.

So fast forward to today. I am almost 30 weeks pregnant. I have never had a miscarriage. I got pregnant the first time I tried with Zara and the second time with this pregnancy. I don’t feel scared anymore. I am at peace. I know I have a healthy pregnancy and that I will go full term with this baby. I am honestly so relieved to find out I have a bicornuate uterus. I don’t have to wonder what that doctor was talking about nearly 10 years ago.

I’m so at peace at where I’m at and know God has everything in control.

You have any questions, please leave a comment below or email me if that would be more comfortable for you. Thanks for reading!