Hello lovelies!

I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite outfit that I wore during my Europe trip. This white crop tank and pant combo by WAYF was so darling, I just had to have it. On top of how cute it is, it's also so comfortable. The weather was surprisingly really nice. It did get chilly from time to time, but it wasn't that bad. I brought along with me a cute pink trench coat that paired nicely to the outfit.

You might be thinking, she's wearing heels in Paris? Yes, and I almost died several times haha. But seriously, it actually wasn't that bad wearing these heels. Also, it did help that my husband had a really good arm that I kept holding on tightly to before I changed into some flats ;)

Dressing up in Paris with so much fun. Every single street is just so stunning, it was hard not to post a hundred photos. Thanks for reading!