Hello Lovelies!

I am so happy it's finally Spring! It's my absolute favorite season, always has been! I also love that mine, my husband's and daughter's birthday AND our marriage anniversary is in Spring, so it just excites me! I just turned 23 years old over the weekend. We celebrated with family and friends and just a had a good time!

Now that warmer weather is slowly coming out, it's time to do some closet swapping. That's what I call when I bust out all of my Spring/Summer clothes and replace the Winter clothes in my closet. I don't have enough room in my closet to just have all my clothes hanging 🙈.

I love how I hated wearing jean skirts when I was younger and then all of sudden, I am so in love with them now! They are so comfy and can instantly just make your outfit. I paired the skirt with a cute tie sleeve blouse. It's so light and breezy and perfect for Spring. And you can't forget about having an open toed bootie for the warmer weather.

Don't you ever just see a purse and it's so pretty, but you think to yourself, "This color is awesome, but I don't know what I would wear it with?" That's exactly what I thought when I saw this Rebecca Minkoff bag. But, it was so gorgeous and I knew I needed a pop of color in my closet. Just wear more simple neutral clothes with a bright color to make sure it doesn't clash. 

Thanks so much for reading. Have a great week lovelies!