Helllloooo loooveliessss!!!!

I know it's been awhile. You know when life just happens? I can't believe it's already 2018! What?! Anyways, it's good to be back and I am sooo excited for these Valentine's day looks I have for you. They were all so much fun to shoot for.

In the first look, I just love that pink top. It's so easy to dress it down with some jeans and some flats if you wanted to or dress it up with some nice trousers or a skirt and heels. Also, can we quickly just talk about those Levi jeans? I get so many questions on Instagram on those jeans and they are without a doubt, the best pair of jeans I have ever purchased. GO buy them now. That's all. Back to the outfit. I really am loving all of Bauble Bar's earrings that they have been having recently. Both of my earrings in this post are from them and they are both statement pieces that would just make your outfit go from 0 to 100. Am I right girl, am I right??? Yeees. 😜

Then the middle look was more so for a girl that doesn't like pink or red (ignore the accessories haha) and just wants to wear black. There is nothing wrong with wearing black. My whole closet is mostly black haha. I have to force myself to buy more statement pieces or pops of color because it can get very easy and comfortable buying just black because we know black is just going to match everything. Ugh... black, why you got to be so beautiful? ♡ But any who, before I get side tracked, I loved pairing the outfit with some blush ensembles. They are not very necessary but if you just want a hint of some cuteness, I really love that cute pink backpack and those fuzzy pink pair of heels. Oh my gosh, I found those heels in my mom's closet and had to steal them for this shoot. They are so darling. 😚

And last, but oh so not certainly least, this beautiful gorgeous stunning dress by Alice + Olivia... what can I say? Stacey designed a perfect Valentine's Day dress. The movement, the color, the hearts. It's all just so perfect. It's so romantic. I can't wait to wear it on 2/14. I mean, I don't really have plans yet for Valentines... lets hope the hubs made a reservation somewhere haha because as of right now, I don't know what we are doing, lets hope something haha! Let me know what your plans are for Valentines. Is it a date night? Is it just staying in? Does yo man buy you flowers and a card and chocolates or is he the type to think you don't need that (like mine was a couple years back before I had to give him a stern talking to haha). 😝 I really hope you enjoyed today's post. Until next time my lovelies!