Hello lovelies!

Sorry for the picture overload, BUT we had sooo much fun with Zara turning ONE! She turned one on Saturday and I decided to go with a princess theme because her name means princess 😊. I bought pretty much everything for the decor from Target and the balloons from Party City. I had pictures of Zara at every month up until her one year, which was really fun to see how much she had changed. My sister, Ruth, made her cake for me because I did not want to try to bake a cake! She also was the one who took pictures of Zara and I in our matching outfits, so a huge thank you to her!

I made the matching tees and made my tulle skirt. I decided on "Queen Bee" and "Honey Bee" because I was always called honey bee by my husband, Bryan and when I was pregnant, we always called Zara our little bee so that's where the shirt ideas came from. The skirt was seriously a headache! haha I first tried making the skirt with the tying method, but it took way too long for me to cut out the tulle and so I tried the sewing method which was, in my opinion, way better! So it was partially fun, but not so much 😆. I got Zara's cute gold mocassins from Jane and I seriously love this website. They have such good deals from different brands where items are almost half off and the sale goes on for a few days and then there are new deals. So, I got these mocassins on a really good deal which is always nice 😉.

Thanks so much for reading and looking at our pictures of us celebrating Zara. We had so much fun!