Hello lovelies!

Welcome to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! My family and I had so much fun in Mexico. It was the first time Zara got to see and feel the ocean. She definitely freaked out and screamed! Haha but by the last day she was able to enjoy it for a little. She loved the sand oh so much, that she tried eating it several times. What is it with kids and sand? lol We loved the pool at our resort and of course the food and drinks. We definitely came back a little heavier ;) Bryan and I got to have some romantic time together. We got massages done on the beach during sunset time, it was so magical! Luckily, my parents were on the trip, so they watched Zara for us. We also got to have some more time by having fun with ATVs. Well, I don't know if Bryan had too much fun, since he ran into a cactus bush, got cut, and was scared the rest of the tour lol! I still to this day crack up, but he won't think it's funny. Our family took a walk down to their little town square on Calle Cabo San Lucas where there are a number of shops and restaurants, not to mention a picturesque gazebo. We found this spot that was selling 6 churros for $1 and they were absolutely delicious!! Right by the town square, was the Iglesia de San Lucas (Church of San Lucas). It's a very popular church over there. 
Overall, I was just so happy being some place warm. I love the beach so much and enjoying it with my little family was just the cherry on top!


This was the first trip that Zara came along with that was outside the country. She did a phenomenal job on the plane. The way over there, she slept the whole time and on the way back she was being fussy for about about minutes and then she was perfectly fine. I was so worried about traveling outside the country with a six month old and definitely had my moments, but I also have learned some great things to prepare me for my next travels with her.

First, make sure your hotel has something you can sterilize your bottles with. Whether it is a tea kettle or a microwavable bottle sterilizer. This was the biggest challenge for me, because my hotel did not have either of those things, they didn't even have a microwave. They also barely understood anything I was trying to ask them, but thankfully I have a Colombian husband who speaks fluent Spanish, so we were able to finally have a coffee maker, that had hot water come out so I was able to sterilize that way. 

Also, if you formula-feed your baby, make sure you're able to have clean sterilized water. I brought several water bottles with me in my suitcase and I just used the hot water from the coffee maker to warm up my sterilized water. 

I found out the hard way that it's really hard to find hot sterilized water in the airport. Since, my water bottles were already checked in, I had to find restaurants that had hot water and then by the time Zara was hungry, the water would already be cold. My advice to you would be to buy a big thermos where you can put the water in and it would stay hot. 

If you co-sleep, like we do, then you don't have to worry about this, but if you don't, make sure your hotel has a crib or a bassinet for your baby. If they do not, I would recommend bringing this travel bassinet from Target. 

When you are on the plane, I recommend buying new toys. Anything Zara saw on the plane, she instantly had to have, like the safety precautions pamphlet :). I brought a few toys that were brand new to her and that entertained her for a bit. 

Oh and I recommend buying a second back up pacifier. We arrived at the San Francisco Airport and realized, we had lost her pacifier! We had a three hour drive back to Sacramento and I knew we would not last without her pacifier. Luckily, we found it after searching forever for it! But it definitely would of saved us time if we had a back up pacifier somewhere we knew we wouldn't lose.

These tips can sound like no-brainers, but when you're a mom traveling with an infant for the first time, your mind can go blank and you can forget the little things, like "how will you sterilize the bottles." Hope some of this helped and thanks for reading!