Hello lovelies!

We got to celebrate the New Year in Vienna and it was magical! We had so much fun walking the streets on the night of New Years Eve. Every single street was decorated and had something going on. From dancing on one corner to a concert on the other, it was so much fun! To be honest though, my preggo feet could barely handle all that walking after hours though, I was nearly four months pregnant here.
We enjoyed pastries and coffee at "Cafe Central" where you saw that huge line we waited in line for, but it was so worth it as it is one of the most popular cafes in Vienna. Also, their hot dogs... are to die for!! I think I had over ten hot dogs and no, it was not because I was pregnant. :) They were just that good!
We got to see St. Stephen's Cathedral, the most important religious building in Vienna and is one of the most important Gothic structures. We also got to see the Hofburg Palace, where you see Bryan and I jumping in front of. :)
On our last day in Vienna, we got to see snow! It was absolutely freezing, but oh so beautiful! 
Continue reading down below to see our trip in Salzburg.
Oh my, is this place a winter wonderland! Let me tell you, when I pictured myself going to Salzburg, I pictured myself running down those big beautiful green hills, just like the ones in 'Sound of Music', but boy oh boy, was I wrong haha. I think I kind of forgot we were traveling in December. :) I am so very glad I got to experience Salzburg this way though, because it really was a dream and it was so romantic. I would love to go back one day to experience it during Summer time though, because I would get to experience this city all over again.
Thanks for reading along my travels to Austria, I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you thought! Bye, lovelies!